Fresno Commercial Truck Insurance

Fresno Commercial Truck InsuranceOne of the main expenses that affects the bottom line of your trucking business in is having the right Fresno Commercial Truck Insurance. This is the reason it’s so important that you understand what kind of insurance you need, what it offers, and if it meets your business requirements.

Whether you are operating dump trucks, front loaders, box trucks or flatbed trucks, these vehicles are essential factors in the lifeline of your business. If the trucking business is your major source of income, opting for proper commercial truck insurance will allow you fewer worries and more time to focus on other aspects of your business.

Even a single road accident can hurt you financially.  If you do not have the appropriate truck insurance, it may not be designed to cover this particular need. Taking time to fully understand your business insurance policy needs avoids the risk of unnecessary coverage and paying too much.

Our Fresno Commercial Truck Insurance from Truck Insure can protect you against risks that most trucking businesses continually face such as theft, vehicle damage, and employee injury. This insurance policy can significantly make a difference between continuing your business with minimal loss, or going bankrupt.

Taking a Closer Look at Your Commercial Truck Insurance

The secret to choosing the right Fresno Commercial Truck Insurance for your business is in understanding the language and basics. This will greatly help when it comes to planning and organizing your insurance.

Our Commercial truck insurance normally offers you protection against damage and loss.  Insurance coverage is offered for trailers, flatbeds, cargo trucks, semi-trucks, front loaders, dump trucks, box trucks, and haulers.

  • Cargo insurance covers damage to, or stolen cargo that your truck is hauling. For instance, your commercial truck hauls electronics and they were damaged due to a sharp turn by the driver. If the electronics were stolen from your truck in transit, your Fresno Commercial Truck Insurance will cover loss sustained by your clients.
  • The liability clause of your Fresno Commercial Truck Insurance covers damage to other parties involved in a road accident. For example, the truck driver backs the truck into a loading dock and crashes into the dock.  Your insurance covers the repairs of the dock.
  • Physical damage insurance covers the actual damage to your truck which is caused by an accident, weather conditions or another person or vehicle’s negligence.  It also pays for repairs.

Options to consider when purchasing Fresno Commercial Truck Insurance:

  • When you allow your truck driver to drive the vehicle home when he is not operating it. An example is the Bobtail insurance, which covers the vehicle when it is used to drive home when goods have already been delivered.
  • Another is Reefer insurance, which covers damages caused from failure of the reefer motor.
  • Therefore, it is really important that you know which type of Fresno Commercial Truck Insurance you need. It comes down to the vehicles you operate, so be sure to look for the best rates before investing in commercial truck insurance.

Truck Insure offers a full line of coverage especially designed for the Fresno trucking industry.

  • Primary Liability
  • Bobtail (Non-Trucking) Liability
  • Physical Damage
  • Cargo
  • General Liability
  • Bonds
  • Workers Compensation
  • Passenger Liability
    Payment plans and low down payments are available.

Fresno Commercial Truck Insurance

Fresno Commercial Truck Insurance

All things considered, you could not find a better agency to handle your truck insurance needs.


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Who Is eligible for Commercial Vehicle coverage?

While different states have different requirements, you’ll want to consider these types of coverage:

  • Small to medium-sized businesses with commercial drivers, or vehicles used for business purposes.
    Also, those who employ drivers for transportation of cargo material.
  • New ventures with up to 20 vehicles.


Fresno Commercial Truck Insurance

What kinds of vehicles are covered by Truck Insure, Inc.

  • Vehicles used in landscaping, contracting, delivery, sales, etc.
  • Full­-size vans, pick-­ups and utility trailers, cargo vans, straight trucks, flatbed trucks, and more!

Why Choose Truckinsure, Inc. Insurance has over 25 years of experience offering customers quality insurance programs, with excellent service. Not only is our financial stability rated as “A” or “Excellent” by A.M. Best, Truckinsure, Inc. also ranks among the fastest-growing established insurers of work vehicles in the United States.

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What To Look For When Choosing A Truck Insurance Agent:

  1. A specialization in Truck insurance,
  2. Number of years in business.
  3. Ease of customer service: certificates of insurance,
  4. Policy changes, driver approvals and claims handling.
  5. 24 hour emergency access.
  6. Representation of quality rated insurance
  7. Companies and coverage forms.
  8. Competitive rates and payment plans.

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