Wisconsin Commercial Truck InsuranceWisconsin Commercial Truck Insurance

Are you in the market for Commercial Truck Insurance in the greater Wisconsin area? Truckinsure, Inc. By Torrin is the most trusted company for all your Wisconsin commercial trucking needs. Our staff of licensed insurance agents have the education and experience to effectively serve your Insurance needs. We currently service approximately 1,000s of trucking rigs in Wisconsin and provide the highest quality coverage.

At Truck Insure, we are committed to providing our customers accurate, dependable and timely advice on their Insurance needs. From Owner Operator Truck Insurance to Fleet coverage, Truck Insure can accommodate your needs.

Truckinsure Inc. by Torrin insures everything from Box trucks, front loaders, dump trucks and flatbed trucks. We understand that these vehicles are the heart of  your business and we protect you against risks such as theft, employee injury and vehicle damage. Even the smallest road accident can be a financial strain on your business. Get the best coverage with a greater understanding of how Wisconsin Commercial Truck Insurance policy works and avoid the unnecessary coverage and costs.

The majority of our customers are smaller risks from one to ten units.  Even though we have several fleet accounts within the agency, most of these accounts started out small and have grown in size over the years. Our smaller customers can have confidence that their business is important to us and they will be treated with the utmost respect even if they don’t have 100 units on the road.

Choosing the Proper Wisconsin Commercial Truck Insurance

The secret to choosing the proper Wisconsin Commercial Truck Insurance suited for your business is understanding its language and basics. This will greatly help you when it comes to planning and organizing the insurance accordingly.

Wisconsin Commercial Truck Insurance

Commercial Truck Insurance normally offers  you protection against damage and loss. You could take out this insurance for trailers, flatbeds, dump trucks, box trucks, semi-trucks, front loaders and haulers.

  • The cargo insurance covers for damage or stolen cargo that your truck is hauling. For instance, your commercial truck hauls electronics and they got damaged due to the sharp turn was taken by the driver. If the electronics got stolen from your truck in transit, your Wisconsin Commercial Truck Insurance will cover loss sustained by your clients.
  • The liability clause of your Wisconsin Commercial Truck Insurance will cover the damage to other parties involved in a road accident. For example, the truck driver backs the truck into a loading dock and crashes into the left of the dock, then your insurance will cover for the repairs of the dock.
  • Physical damage insurance covers the actual damage to your truck which is caused by an accident, weather conditions or another person or vehicle’s negligence as well as pay for repairs.

It is really important that you know the proper Wisconsin Commercial Truck Insurance for your needs. It depends on the kind of vehicles that you operate so be sure to look for the best rates before investing in Wisconsin Commercial Truck Insurance.

Truckinsure offers a full line of coverage especially designed for the Wisconsin Commercial trucking industry.

  • Primary Liability
  • Wisconsin Commercial Truck InsuranceBobtail (Non-Trucking) Liability
  • Physical Damage
  • Cargo
  • General Liability
  • Bonds
  • Workers Compensation
  • Passenger Liability
    Payment plans and low down payments are available.


Wisconsin Commercial Truck Insurance Quotes

While different states have different requirements that you need to investigate, you’ll want to consider:

  • Small to medium­ sized businesses with commercial drivers or vehicles used for business purposes
    as well as those who employ drivers for transportation of cargo material.
  • New ventures with up to 20 vehicles.

Why Truckinsure, Inc.Wisconsin Commercial Truck Insurance

Truckinsure, Inc. has over 25 years of experience offering customers quality insurance programs and excellent service. Truckinsure, Inc. ranks amonth the fastest growing established insurers for work vehicles in the United States and our financial stability rating is “A” or “Excellent” by A.M. Best.

We offer truck insurance in all cities in Wisconsin including:


Madison Racine Font Du lac
Milwaukee Waussau Beloit
Green Bay Janesville Stevens Point
Wisconsin Dells Oshkosh West Bend
Appleton Waukesha Neenah
La Crosse Sheboygan Manitowoc
Eau Claire Superior Menomonie
Kenosha Lake Geneva Middleton


We also offer truck insurance for most states in the us, check our map now to see if we cover your state.Wisconsin Commercial Truck Insurance

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